Spin Tires by Oovee Game Studios

If you haven’t seen the Spin Tires game demo, you really need to check it out!

The maz in action in Spin Tires

Spin Tires is going to be the best offroading game of it’s time. The physics integrated into this game are insane. The coolest thing about this game is the fact that the terrain responds to you! You get of the beaten trail, you will probably get stuck. Throw it in 4×4 and lock the differentials and you may get out and you may not. The trees also react to your actions. Slam into them hard enough you can uproot them, barely run over them and they will spring back up. This is truly a unique offroading game, I’ve not seen any other offroad games (to date) that will compete with the detail put into this.

I have tried all three demos as they were released, and I have been following this game for quite some time. I would really like to see more missions and maybe some AI traffic in the finished game. The demos are really cool, but I think they have way too much mud. I would like to see more hard terrain and less mushy trails. I can picture driving down a dirt road, approaching a mud hole, and having a trail off to either side of the mudhole to avoid getting stuck. Right now if you try going off of the trail at all even if the grass looks solid, it’s worse than the actual mud. I am sure the end result will be awesome, those are just a few things that bothered me about the demo.

Oovee Game Studios is reaching out to the fans to help raise the money needed to finish this game. As of today (5/26/13) they are about 45% to their goal, and time is running out. Please make a pledge to help support this project. I ~$8 pledge will get your name in the credits of the finished game.

So please visit the following URL to make a pledge today. The deadline is June 13th 2013 (SPIN TIRES WAS FUNDED!)

Also download the demo and give it a try. Oovee Game Studios

An update on Spin Tires: Spin Tires has been funded, the game is now in development. Thanks to all the members who have supported Spin Tires on Kickstarter!



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