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Offroad Gamer would like to provide you with some of the best offroad mods and downloads available around the net. A big thanks to Hein for compiling the Spin Tires mods.

On this page you will find our offroad mods categorized by game. Click on the title of the game to see all of the offroad mods available for this title.

Spin Tires Mods

Spin Tires Mods (partner site)

Here you will find some of the best Spin Tires mods. hosts these spin tires mods, we do not actually create mods for spin tires. Offroad Gamer does not provide support for the spin tire downloads listed on our partner site; however, feel free to post any questions regarding any of the spin tires downloads in our forums, and we will answer them to the best of our abilities. If you would like to see a mod featured, please let us know.

Rigs of Rods Mods

Rigs of Rods Mods

No Downloads at this time. Please check back.

Here you will find some of the Rigs of Rods mods that we find to be pretty awesome. There are so many Rigs of Rods mods in the RoR Repository that it is hard for us to try each mod. If you found a Rigs of Rods mod you would like to see on our downloads page, please let us know. Remember, Offroad Gamer only hosts the Rigs of Rods downloads, we do not offer support for the mods. If you do have a question regarding a Rigs of Rods download you may post the question in our forums and we will try to help.

gta offroad mods GTA:IV Offroad Mods

No Downloads at this time. Please check back.

This is the place to come when you are looking for those special gta offroad downloads. We will search through the GTA:IV Downloads in search of the best off road mods. Offroad Gamer only hosts off road or offroad related mods for GTA:IV if you are looking for some offroading maps or vehicles for gta4, you may find them here. If you know of a certain download for GTA4 that we should host, please let us know. Leave a comment in the Offroad Gamer forum.

other offroad downloadsOther Downloads

No Downloads at this time. Please check back.

This section is where we host other Offroad related downloads. You may find Offroad Gamer wallpapers, offroad game wall papers, offroad wall papers, or any download that does not fit into the other categories. If you have an off road related download you would like to see in our downloads section, please let us know. Leave a suggestion in the offroad gamer forums.

As mentioned, Offroad Gamer is always looking for great mods. We are looking for Spin Tires Mods, Rigs of Rods Mods, GTA:IV Mods, and just about any other offroad game mod.

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